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The Herbarium of the Department of Botany and Ecology in Eszterházy College was founded in 1949 by Tibor Hortobágyi, a prominent Hungarian algae researcher. This course of development was followed under the direction of professor Tamás Pócs, appointed in 1961. 

He founded the herbarium with his fern, lichen, bryophyte and vascular plant collections. A year later János Suba joined the department, who obtained for the Herbarium the Márton Vrabélyi vascular collection, previously preserved at Dobó István Jesuitical Secondary School. This valuable collection includes 19th century source material of the flora of Bükk and Mátra mountains from Vrabélyi’s own collections as well as exchange material from prominent botanists (Haynald, Holuby, Janka, Kerner, Vágner etc.) of the time.

Herbarium operates within the international network of herbaria. We exchange material with more than 60 herbaria worldwide. Numerous exssicata series are preserved a list of which is appended below. Our type material of over 500 specimens is recognised and cited worldwide.


About the herbarium

There are more than 200,000 speciemen of plant taxa from several areas of five continents. We work along the Global Strategy of plant conservation targets.

Researcher visit at EGR

Postdoc Lee Gaik Ee is visiting our herbaria (EGR) at the invitation of Prof. Tamás Pócs.

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Our main projects which we are working on:


1. Collecting bryophytes in Hungary

2. Collecting tropical bryophytes

3. Determination of collected specimens 

4. Building herbaria database


Vascular plant database
Europaen bryophyte database
Tropical bryophyte database
Sphagnum database

Latest Project

Contact of the curator:


Our partners:


Field Museum, Chicago, 

Planta Europa Network

International Asssociation of Bryologists

Contacts and partners

Collecting field trip in Egerszalók

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